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Inform Sunol Volume 1, Number 5
June 14, 2018

Cannabis in Sunol: Grow vs. Retail

Grow Business Proposal is currently on hold but Land Owner
with Neighborhood Support Continues Search for Ag Tenant
Chris Allen, Sr., who owns the 10-acre parcel bordered by Andrade Road to the west, Mission Road to the north and the 680 freeway to the south, was on hand at recent Sunol Citizen’s Advisory Council meeting to talk about Medical Marijuana cultivation which is commonly shortened to “grow” in related community meetings.  On the site of his property, there is a business called Plant and Pottery Outlet, a couple of residents, and a large vacant greenhouse complex. Allen, Sr. has been looking for an agricultural tenant for the greenhouse and the only applicants have been medical cultivation or “grow” businesses.

Inform Sunol received an email from Allen, Sr. on April 30th about his preliminary permit for Cannabis Cultivation (“Grow”). Allen, Sr. wrote, “I think there is a difference between having a cultivator versus a dispensary.  That being said, after the [SCAC] meeting I attended, many people came up to me express their support. I am happy to report that my immediate neighbors have been very supportive of our proposal.”

Allen, Sr. had been surprised to see such strong opposition to Medical Marijana both in the public meetings and in Inform Sunol editions but advised that he wasn’t sure if it was against the dispensary [Retail] or cannabis in general.

“As a long time land-owner here in Sunol, I am in support of both the proposed dispensary and our proposed cultivation site. I believe that appropriately
regulated cannabis can be a benefit to our community. However, I am concerned that the two projects seem to get conflated. With an existing greenhouse and infrastructure on site, there would be no obvious changes to the appearance of our property or additional traffic on Mission Road.”

Allen, Sr. explained further, “One potential tenant would be a nursery that grows “Cannabis Starts” and would sell these starts to Cannabis growers elsewhere who would, in turn, bring the plants to maturity.  While we are confident that our property could be improved to meet all the security requirements of a full-scale Cannabis ‘Grow’ operation, this early-plant-lifecycle tenant would likely require less security infrastructure due to the relatively low value of the starts.”

Inform Sunol appreciates Chris Allen, Sr. for reaching out and will clearly separate all further discussions about cannabis “Grow” vs. “Retail.” All further surveys including the one in this issue will reflect the fact that “Grow” and “Retail” Cannabis are clearly two very different community issues.